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What does a Fashion Illustrator do?

A Fashion Illustrator creates clothing designs by hand or with computer programs. When you're a Fashion Illustrator, your drawings are usually the first things that Fashion Stylists and Fashion Buyers will look at in order to make decisions for their clients. They are also used for ads and sales for the fashion house. To suit these purposes, your drawings must represent the clothing well, and be both marketable and visually appealing. As a Fashion Illustrator, you typically work for a Fashion Designer or design house. The higher up the fashion ladder you go, the more amazing the Fashion Designers are that you’ll get to illustrate for. Depending on what the Designer wants, you may work by hand, in a variety of artistic mediums (pencil, charcoal, pastels or paints), or through a computer program like Photoshop. To do your job well, you must stay on top of current trends in the fashion world. This industry is constantly changing, so staying current on style and knowledgeable on fabrics will be essential for you.

This position is also very creative and you need to have artistic talent. You use this skill to help a Fashion Designer flesh out their ideas, because your hand gets their ideas onto paper and ultimately onto a Model.


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