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How to speak English fluently and confidently

You want to learn how to speak English fluently, but do not know where to start? Here are 10 simple tips from Design College Irinjalakuda.

1. Start with believing in yourself

“I was afraid to speak. I was scared people would make fun of me. Will they judge me?

One day, I thought if so many people can, even I can. So I spoke in English and my confidence increased.” – Design College Irinjalakuda student, 2015

2. Listen. Speak. Read. Write. Repeat.

Listen a little. Speak a little. Read a little. Write a little. Then, listen a little more. Speak a little more. Read a little more. Write a little more. Do this, till it becomes a habit.

3. Keep your ears open.

English is everywhere. It’s in online videos, news channels, on radio. So listen and build your vocabulary.

4. Find the answer in the question

Questions are like mirrors. Reverse the question, and find the answer.

Does he…? Yes, he does

Is it…? Yes, it is

Can you? Yes, I can

5. Make the mirror your best friend

Speak to it in English, and it will make you feel confident about the way you are speaking.

6. Read full sentences

You learnt Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam in full sentences. Then why should learning English be any different. Read full sentences, speak in sentences.

7. Keep calm and do not worry about grammar.

Remember, even those who speak English fluently make grammatical mistakes. But, what they do right, is communicate without worrying about them.

8. Find an English newspaper and learn a word a day

Keep your fear of new English words away.

9. Use the word before it leaves you.

Use the new word immediately to feel confident about it’s usage.

10. Practice. Practice. Practice. Till it makes you perfect.

There are no shortcuts in life. Definitely, no shortcuts to learn English.

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