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The Computer Graphics and Animation industry is full of promise. Every year the animated movies tend to score the biggest box office success. Not only movies, computer graphics and animation are used in broadcasting, games, theme parks, industrial animation, virtual reality, and scientific and medical research. There is also a very heavy use of computer graphics in the design sector including in automotive design, consumer products, industrial design and interactive design.

All graphic design jobs require attention to detail, design sense, problem solving skills, and up to date knowledge of the latest software. Design College Irinjalakuda of Graphics and Animation teaches concepts and tools for graphic design, web design, 2D & 3D Modeling, animation, and post production functions. Yes, we begin with teaching good old drawing concepts and go on to cover the design fundamentals of colour theory, graphics, design elements, typography, scanning & colour correction, and printing.And, if you take our animation programs, we start with conceptualization, sketching & story boarding before proceeding to the creation of stories using 3D/2D software in the advanced stages of set modelling, character modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, visual effects, and rendering.Our faculty team comprises graduates in visual communication and arts with specialization in animation related software.

The only criterion to enrol in our programs is interest - just basic education is good enough.Our Curriculum & Product Development team, headed by product managers, interact with the industry regularly, collect inputs, and update our curriculum and reference guides to improve the employability of our students. Group discussion forms the key part of our teaching.We give our students various creative designs inputs; ask them to analyse the concepts, and trigger the creative juice to flow by engaging them in innovative activities.

PREREQUISTIC: Anyone who is interested in creative design, can take up this course. Preferably upwards of 10th std students interested in creative field will be able to make a good learning and make a career out of this program. So there are no major prerequisites.

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