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Visual merchandising is professionally developing a 3dimensional representation of a store for attracting the potential customers. The process is dedicated to the combination of art and imagination to create an environment for the customer to engaged, and motivated towards making a purchase.

Mostly the art is used as the window display that sets the perspective of the merchandise in an appealingly agreeable style, presenting a view to the window shoppers that convert them into a prospect and finally the buyers of the product.

Creativeness and talent of a merchant can use his skills to bring a new life to his store, and attract more people towards it. A person who owns a great passion for design and creativity and know how to convert his imagination into reality (via a 3Dimentional presentation) is always welcomed in the profession. The simple requirements of the field is a perfect process of design, ability to be creative always and coming up unique ideas, also the knowledge of current trends of the fashion Design stream worldwide to keep up with the changing aspects of the domain.

Visual merchandise includes window displays, signs, interior displays, cosmetic promotions and any other special sales promotions taking place. And, the main aspects of the process are colors, lighting and texture which brings the life to the imagination. These elements directly touches the emotions and feelings of the people around them and right selection can really win their hearts and bring great success to the artist.


The colors are said to be the soul of the profession. However, selection of the colors can make it or can also break it, so, the right selection of the colors is essential part of the job. The colors that can convey the message of the theme or that can go with nature of the products. For example, a cloth store, if displaying the summer collection, colors should be eye soothing and spreading freshness all over the store.


The display itself should be telling a story of the inside collection. Here one can use the sales-enabling signage to present the benefits of buying the products. The theme should be close to the lives of the customers telling them how the product fits into their life and why it is important for them. For example, festive themes showing what they should not miss while celebrating the fest, or the seasonal theme displaying how the products can make the atmosphere beautiful or comfortable for them.

 It is not necessary to always use the words sometimes some colors or designs or the themes can tell a lot more, the signs can speak for themselves.

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