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20 Interior Design Drawing Tips - Design college Irinjalakuda

Designers are now using advanced 3D tools and applications to generate 3D interior drawings as this methods takes the designers’ approach to another level.

However there are some of the tips we like to share when you are sketching the interior design.

1. Use Colors: Colors may help you add emotions and personal stories to the designs.

2. Master 1-point interior perspective: This perspective works best as you need to show three different walls at the same time.

3. Draw Reflections all the time: Reflections adds value to the drawings and will make your work stand out.

4. Draw the furniture white: While sketching the interior design, coloring the furniture as White can make coloring surroundings easy.

5. Strong foreground: A very strong foreground may help to read the design easily.

6. Use lighting effects: Lighting effects when used while sketching interior designs, make your drawing look alive and vivid.

7. Make floor heavy: The floor must always look heavier than other parts of the drawings, this can be done by using strong colors and textures.

8. Use designer furniture: Designer furniture not only looks better than the traditional ones, but they also make your work rate higher.

9. Master both contemporary and classical styles of designing and make yourself flexible to work with both.

10. Add powerful effects by using different styles of stairs with proper lighting.

11. Breakup the ceiling into different planes. In this way, the whole design you created will look like it has been thoroughly kept in mind.

12. Use decorative plaster fittings to separate ceilings for walls.

13. Mix both freehand and technical sheets which are a part of sketching the interior design.

14. Make multiple thumbnails for your final layout and then leverage ideas from the best one.

15. A short description of the concept with the designs works best in conveying the message.

16. Generate a grabber image summing up your design, attracting attention and making people remember your work.

17. Show project development using initial sketches in the final presentation.

18. Use of cast and volume shadows can make your drawings more powerful.

19. Mount your grabber image on a 5mm foam making it look bolder and stand out.

20. Take care of the drawing flows and add finishing touches wherever needed to make it look real and professional.

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